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 Office Administration User Manual 












eTAP includes the facility to move pupil details information from eTAP to e-asTTle (downloading) and 

transfer results information from e-asTTle to eTAP (uploading).  


To transfer data to and from e-asTTle you will need the e-asTTle button on your eTAP main menu. If you 

do not have it please contact the eTAP help desk using the ‘request help’ hyperlink. 



Downloading – Move student data from eTAP to e-asTTle 


The download function creates a file from the student data stored in eTAP making it available for use in e-

asTTle.  This file includes pupil names, rooms, genders, ethnicities etc. The file that is created is called 

9999_e-asttle.ast (the 9999 is your school MoE number) and should be saved to your hard-drive or 

disk/memory stick where it can be accessed by e-asTTle. Please do not open the file. 
















Once you have saved the file to your hard-drive or a portable device stop using eTAP. Log into e-asTTle 

and use the importing feature to locate and upload the file. 





Uploading – Moving student e-asTTle results to eTAP 



Once you have tested your students use e-asTTle to generate an export file and save it to your hard-drive 

or a portable device. Then log into eTAP and click on the e-asTTle button on your eTAP main menu. Use 

the upload area to locate and upload the file.   












Set the 

groups as an 

export file. 

Select the 

groups of pupils 

you require 

Click here to upload 

the file 

Locate the e-asTTle 

file on your hard 

drive or portable 


Save the file to your hard-drive or data stick. 

Click here to create an 

export file of e-asTTle 


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